UP: Gang arrested for falsifying documents to obtain bank loans, 3 arrested

A Kanpur gang has been arrested for falsifying documents to obtain bank loans. Three defendants have been arrested in this case.

Gang arrested for falsifying documents to obtain bank loans.

Police in Nazirabad, Uttar Pradesh have exposed a gang that was granting loans on false documents. The gang was getting a loan using fake bank documents.

Four loans of Rs 20 lakhs were approved, but the gang was broken up before the amount could be transferred. The police arrested three defendants. As the police search for the fourth accused.

On Thursday, ADCP Manish Sonkar reported that on May 24, Bandhan Bank Ashok Nagar director Ravi Omar filed a complaint at the Nazirabad police station.

It was alleged that in the bank loan application, the defendants – Ashish Khanna, Pankaj Shukla and others used fake ID cards and addresses.

Police opened an investigation after registering an FIR in the case. The investigation revealed the names of three defendants. A public convenience store operator in Mall Road was found to be involved in the case.

Sonkar told the bank manager to entrap the defendants by calling them to the bank for signatures. As soon as the defendants arrived at the office, Nazirabad police arrested them. All three were sent to prison after being brought to trial.

The police investigation revealed that the main defendant, Chandan Srivastava, runs a public convenience centre. From there, he would collect people’s documents and edit them to get bogus loans from the bank.

Thousands of fake IDs, Aadhaar cards, bank books and other documents were recovered from Srivastava’s possession.

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