The emerging economic power of the Latin American

What is NAHREP? NAHREP stands for National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. My board and I represent Atlanta as champions for Hispanic homeownership in the city. As Chapter President for NAHREP Atlanta, my job is to advance sustainable Hispanic homeownership by educating the real estate professional who serves Hispanic buyers and sellers. We also promote Hispanic home ownership by advocating for public policy that supports the business association’s mission.

My real estate journey began in September 2013. After graduating from college, my friend’s father offered me to join the mortgage division of Ameris Bank. A year and a half after joining Ameris Bank, I got my NMLS certification as a Mortgage Banker without any expectations as I was still very green in the business. Little did I know of the fulfilling future that awaited me!

In August 2016, I attended my first networking event, where I met Neil Terc, the president-elect of NAHREP Atlanta. I approached Neil because I was very intrigued by an organization that catered to the Hispanic community. Neil was very kind and inclusive, he took his time to tell me about the NAHREP mission and introduced me to other NAHREP Atlanta members. The support and encouragement I received on day one of NAHREP Atlanta was unlike anything I had ever experienced professionally. From then on, I immersed myself in my new family and knew I had to get more involved.

In 2018, I officially joined the NAHREP ATL Board of Directors as Marketing Director. My initial inclination to join the chapter was based on money, but during my first year on the council I learned the impact and influence I could have on my community. My whole perspective changed after attending my first LATTITUDE conference in San Diego in September 2018, when I met so many like-minded people with similar backgrounds, values, and goals.

In 2019, NAHREP Atlanta received the National Organization Chapter of the Year award at its National Policy Conference in Washington, DC. At the same time, NAHREP Atlanta President-Elect Jose Plascencia encouraged me to increase my involvement and run for a leadership position. . After listening to Jose’s recommendation, I ran for Director of Sponsorship, where I served two terms in 2019 and 2020. In 2021, I was finally elected Chapter Vice President, and in 2022, I am became president of NAHREP Atlanta.

In addition to my involvement at the local level, I attend the National Policy Conference in Washington and the LATTITUDE conference in San Diego every year. At these conventions, I have connected with countless real estate professionals from across the country. Along with the amazing networking opportunities, these conferences also feature top-notch speakers, including two sitting US presidents, state and federal elected officials, several Fortune 500 CEOs, Grammy-winning artists, sports personalities and of entertainment, making it one of the largest conferences in the world to promote home ownership and wealth for Hispanics.

As we conclude the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, I can look back on my accomplishments over the past two years and say that I have made a difference in my community. NAHREP has had a huge positive influence in my life – I was appointed to the Atlanta REALTORS® Association Board of Directors this year and have been asked to serve on different diversity and inclusion committees with Georgia Association of REALTORS®.

I also participated in several speaking panels; the most memorable of which was when I was invited to speak in front of 600 real estate agents during REALTOR Day at the Capitol. Without a doubt, NAHREP has contributed to my professional development and the growth of my business as a mortgage banker. Most importantly, after so many years of assimilating into “American” culture, NAHREP helped me find my identity as a proud Latino and Colombian American.

Today, NAHREP is the nation’s largest Hispanic business organization with over 40,000 members in more than 100 chapters nationwide. Over the next 20 years, Latinos are expected to account for 70% of new home purchases. As the wealth of Latinos grows at three times the rate of the general population, it is important for us as real estate professionals to understand the growing economic power of Latin Americans. NAHREP is at the forefront of this movement, and I am proud to say that here in Atlanta, we are part of a ripple effect of the impending Latino tidal wave that will continue to shape the American economy.

After nearly a decade in the mortgage industry, I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the continued support of Ameris Bank and the incredible life and business lessons I learned with the community. Latin American. The relationships I built at NAHREP not only increased my business network, but also helped me form many lifelong friendships. I’m proud to call my family NAHREP Atlanta!

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