Representatives oppose exclusion of Rivers State from World Bank loan


Concerned members of the House of Representatives protested Wednesday against the exclusion of Rivers State from the list of beneficiary states of projects to be financed by a new loan from the World Bank.

Worried about the development, the House after debate on the motion on “matter of urgent national importance” sponsored by Solomon Bob decided to investigate the allegation.

In his main debate, Bob, who called for the intervention of the House, stressed the need for fairness, equity and social justice.

Bob argued that the exclusion from Rivers State does not portray true federalism and that the distribution of projects across the federation should reflect fairness and justice across all ethnic ties.

He said: “The Chamber notes that Nigeria is a federation which professes equity, impartiality and social justice and to this end there are several constitutional provisions prohibiting any form of discrimination based on partisan orientation, religion, place of origin or tribe, among others.

“The Chamber further notes that article 15 (4) and (5) of the constitution provides – The State must promote a feeling of belonging and involvement among the different peoples of the federation, in the end that the loyalty to the nation prevails over loyalties The state abolishes all corrupt practices and abuses of power.

“The Chamber notes once again that article 16 (2) (a) and (c) of the same constitution provides – The State must orient its policy towards guarantee – the promotion of a planned and balanced economic development. That the economic system does not function in such a way as to allow the concentration of wealth or the means of production and exchange in the hands of a few individuals or a group.

“The Chamber observes that the foregoing provisions impose on the federal government the duty to ensure an equitable distribution of resources and projects across the federation and among the states so as to avoid exclusion and to ensure equity in the administration of the affairs of the government of the federation.

“The Chamber is aware that the federal government recently transmitted to the National Assembly a request for approval of new loans from the World Bank and other donor agencies for the execution of various projects in all the states of the federation.

“The House is concerned that the federal government, as widely reported by ThisDay Newspaper (page 57): The Tribune (page 3) all September 21, 2021, among several other dailies, to the effect that Rivers State is the only State which is excluded from the list of beneficiary States of the projects to be executed with the loans.

“The House is concerned that the reports, if they are true, will render the action of the federal government not only contrary to the spirit and the letters of the Constitution, but also cruelly discriminatory against the inhabitants of the State of Rivers and that such discriminatory treatment is likely to create a sense of alienation, exclusion and discontent.

“The Chamber further fears that it is incomprehensible that Rivers State, which contributes enormously to the country’s foreign exchange earnings and on which a large portion of the oil and gas resources depends, could be inexplicably excluded from benefiting from projects for which loans are sought.

“The House is once again concerned that the alleged exclusion could be interpreted as partisan revenge against the people of the state because of differences of opinion on national issues.

“The Chamber recognizes that the Chamber has a responsibility to ensure that the affairs of the Federation are conducted in accordance with the constitution and the law, with fairness and impartiality, and with a primary responsibility to deploy its constitutional powers to ensure respect on the part of the executive, ”he insisted.

To this end, the House directs its Committee on AIDS, Loans and Debt Management to liaise with the office of the National Assembly’s Advisor to the President to verify the veracity of the statement. allegation and report back to the House in 14 days for further legislative business. action.


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