Providing banking services to people with disabilities, CBO issues instructions | Oman weather


Muscat: The Central Bank of Oman has issued special instructions regarding the provision of banking services to people with disabilities, the Central Bank of Oman said on Sunday.

“Given the importance of enabling people with disabilities to benefit from banking services, and given the continuous efforts of the Central Bank to achieve ‘financial inclusion’ and to provide banking services to all segments of society from Equally and without discrimination, the Central Bank of Oman has issued a set of special guidelines aimed at “providing convenient banking services to people with disabilities”. The guidelines were issued in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development, relevant NGOs and the Association of Banks of Oman, “said a statement.

The new set of instructions obliges all local banks to upgrade their banking infrastructure across their branch network so that personalized banking services can be provided to people with disabilities with great ease and in a friendly and friendly manner. . The guidelines also require banks to open and operate at least one branch dedicated to people with disabilities in each of the Sultanate’s governorates. Emphasizing the need to take advantage of modern and secure financial technologies, the new guidelines call on banks to develop the most recent and personalized banking applications for this segment of people, allowing them to benefit from banking and associated services with great ease and convenience. convenience.

The provision of appropriate and targeted training opportunities to bank workers was also emphasized under the new guidelines so that trained bank staff can effectively provide banking services to people with disabilities.


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