NBA 2021 free agency: 9 best free agents left right now


The NBA free agency got off to a furious start when the moratorium window opened at 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Within minutes, Lonzo Ball was going to the Chicago Bulls, Kyle Lowry was going to the Miami Heat, Mike Conley Jr. was back in Utah, and Chris Paul had up to $ 120 million more in his bank account.

Day two of free agency didn’t provide as many fireworks displays, but it did give us Carmelo Anthony at the Los Angeles Lakers and the Bulls’ polarizing signings and trades for DeMar DeRozan. Highlights for Day 3 included John Collins’ $ 125 million extension with the Atlanta Hawks and the completion of Spencer Dinwiddie’s signing and trade with the Washington Wizards. We track every signature here.

Who is still available in the free agent market? Glad you asked. Here are the top nine players available in free agency right now. We will update this list as players leave the board.

1. Kawhi Leonard

Leonard was the best free agent of the class of this year and the only top 10 player available on the open market. The two-time MVP of the Finals is now 30 years old and is recovering from surgery to repair a partially torn ACL he suffered in the second round of the Los Angeles Clippers playoffs. A return to LA makes it look like it will happen at any time, but we still don’t know if Leonard wants a long-term deal or another short-term deal that would see him return to the open market soon if the title of the Clippers dreams do not come true.

2. Dennis Schröder

Schröder is probably not having a good time right now after apparently turning down an $ 80 million contract extension from the Lakers (he reportedly asked for $ 100 million to $ 120 million). We know he won’t be back in Los Angeles after the Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook and added some more depth to their backcourt with Malik Monk and Wayne Ellington.

The rest of the top playmakers are off the board, so Schröder should be next to go. It will be fascinating to see if he takes as much money as possible, or a short-term contract to rehabilitate his value in the next offseason.

3. Danny Green

Green just turned 34 and is still one of the most trusted 3 & D wings in the league. He’s just finished a great season with the Philadelphia 76ers, where he managed 40.5% of his three with 6.3 attempts per game. It also posted a theft rate above 2.3% for the second year in a row.

Last I heard, Green and Sixers were staying away from each other and other teams were circling around. Green started all 69 games he played for a Philadelphia team that entered the Eastern Conference playoffs seeded. He is the kind of role player who can make a difference on a competitor with his experience, his shooting and his defense on the wings.

4. Kelly Oubre

Oubre was hoping to cash in a big contract after a season with the Golden State Warriors, but he does not yet see the money he was looking for. The 25-year-old is tall for a wing at 6’7 with a 7’2 wingspan, and has just finished a season averaging 15.4 points and six rebounds per game. That sounds like nice numbers for a young player, but Oubre also finished with almost as many turnovers (70) and assists (73) last season in a team with Stephen Curry.

The value of Oubré is often felt linked to his shooting. He shot 1 for 21 of three in December and finished the year with a score of 31.6 percent behind the arc. He is one of the highest upside contenders left in the market.

5. Reggie Jackson

Jackson has just completed a stellar playoff run with the Clippers which saw him reaffirm his place as a valuable combo guard after being bought out by the Pistons just before the bubble. Jackson was a staple in LA’s run to the Western Conference Finals, averaging 17.8 points per game throughout the playoffs. The 31-year-old made a big leap forward as a shooter – he hit 40.8% of his three shots on 7.5 attempts per game in the playoffs – and showed strong attacking ability from the rim from the rebound.

It sounds like another return to LA, but it’s possible a team with limited space could steal it.

6. Josh Hart

Hart is another wing in the 3-and-D mold that came to the Pelicans in Anthony Davis’ trade with the Lakers. He was a nice play next to Zion Williamson in New Orleans, but his shot dropped a bit with a 32.6% rating at depth. Hart tore a ligament in his thumb in April and missed the rest of the season. He’s a restricted free agent, so New Orleans could fit any deal.

7. Lauri Markkanen

Markkanen initially looked like a cornerstone of the Bulls’ rebuilding, but he failed to make any significant improvements in his first four years in the league. The tall 7-footer finally lived up to his reputation as a shooter last season, achieving 40.2% of his triples behind the arc with 5.8 attempts per game. He fights defensively and can’t create his own shot, but a team with a top host (Markkanen has never played with one in Chicago) might be able to unlock some of the perks when seen in the game. former draft pick n ° 7.

He’s also a restricted free agent, which means the Bulls have the right to match any deal.

8. Lou Williams

Williams is a proven bucket-getter who has three Sixth Man of the Year awards on his coat. He was traded from the Clippers to the Hawks mid-season and left the bench for the Atlanta Eastern Conference Finals team. The 6’1 keeper will be 35 going into the season, but should still find a scoring role off the bench.

9. André Iguodala

Iguodala will be 38 in January, but his common sense and perimeter defense could still help a playoff contender. It looks like a battle between the Lakers and the Warriors.

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