How my husband used my income to pay off a £ 13,000 bank loan


General news for Saturday 23 October 2021

Source: SVTV Africa

play videoMadame Sandra Agyeiwaa shares her story with SVTV’s DJ Nyaami

London-based Ghanaian Sandra Agyeiwaa revealed that her husband who remained in London invited her to stay and lured her to open a joint account, but he used her earnings to pay off her loan.

In an exclusive interview on SVTV Africa, Ms. Sandra said that although she was unaware of her plan, she worked 15 hours for five years but never spent a pound of it.

“I want to use this medium to explain to his family mostly because they think I’m the wrong person. I came here in 2007 and he requested that we open a joint account so that we could bring our children as well.

“Not knowing that he had taken out a loan of 13,000 pounds and that the bank was deducting from the account. During that time, he was only working six hours a day and not earning as much,” she revealed.

Ms Sandra added that in addition to her main job, she owned a side business selling local medicines and waist beads. As a result, she barely took any money out of their joint account.

“The only thing he did for me was the bus ticket. He took care of all the banking business, even the two cards were with him. When I realized it, the money that was left in our account was 350 pounds while I am making 1600 pounds a month, ”she told host DJ Nyaami.

Even though they are not divorced, Mrs. Sandra and her husband have been separated for three years now without any contact.

Please watch the full interview below;

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