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Not a year goes by without fans asking for another Exploded cell game, that’s understandable. Many fans miss Ubisoft’s traditional stealth franchise that rolled alongside Solid metal gear when it comes to AAA stealth action games. Both franchises maintained it until the last decade; with the Solid metal gear the franchise presumably retired after Kojima left Konami and Ubisoft putting Exploded cell on indefinite break since 2013. Metal Gear Survive could have been the proverbial nail in the coffin of Konami’s stealth franchise, there is certainly still potential for another entry into the Exploded cell series.

With the announcement of a new title in the works, fans will no doubt be delighted that one of the biggest stealth franchises can receive a modernized version. Of course, since all the reports of this Exploded cell game indicates that it is in an early phase of development, the next game may not be released for at least a few years. In the meantime, fans may consider returning to the legacy. Exploded cell games to enjoy traditional stealth action to help tide fans. Many games of the Exploded cell franchise are some of the best stealth games of all time, although a few of the titles in the Exploded cell catalog has definitely not aged well compared to modern games.

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Splinter Cell (2002)

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The first one Exploded cell The 2002 game is a prime example of a game that hasn’t aged particularly well, across almost all platforms. While it was still a trainer stealth game for the time, mechanically speaking, playing Exploded cell in 2021 is a clumsy and awkward experience. The lighting systems and graphics, close quarters combat and interrogation, movement, among other things, are incredibly finicky and lack the greatest degree of finish applied to future games in the series. This assumes gamers can even play the game on a modern platform: the PC port requires several fan-made fixes to work, while emulation is the only viable option for older platforms.

That’s without even taking into account the inherent design of the game, which doesn’t match the quality of later games in the series. The complexity of the narrative is thin, much more generic compared to later entries like Chaos theory, or even Pandora tomorrow. Plus, that was before Sam Fisher’s identity and personality really took hold, as there is a serious lack of smart writing the iconic superspy is known for. Fans should play first Exploded cell game, but no new players.

Splinter Cell: Tomorrow Pandora (2004)

In terms of Exploded cell games appreciated by die-hard fans, Pandora tomorrow is often the underrated choice for the best of the series. It is certainly not as common as Chaos theory was, but much of the series’ narrative and mechanical improvements started with Pandora tomorrow in 2004. Design side, Pandora tomorrow was sort of the development bridge between the first game and Chaos theory. Several quality of life changes improved the game mechanics, and it was clear Pandora tomorrow was a preview of what would become one of the most beloved games in the entire series.

Unfortunately, this is the most difficult inheritance Exploded cell game to play, mainly because it is not sold on any modern platform. Many discussion threads on the Ubisoft forums, as well as on Reddit, involve fans asking for a digital reissue of Pandora tomorrow. The last time Pandora tomorrow saw a suitable reissue was on the PS3 / Xbox 360 with the Exploded cell Classic trilogy. Ubisoft’s existing Exploded cell Collection still omits Pandora tomorrow, and probably will be for the foreseeable future, which is a shame.

Spliner Cell: Chaos Theory (2005)

Stealth game

Which leads to Splinter Cell: The Theory of Chaos, which is usually the best example that most fans will refer to as the best Exploded cell game throughout the franchise. This is understandable, Chaos theory was the culmination of Sam Fisher’s stealth action: The Story is a top-notch international spy thriller that grows in intensity as Fisher’s mission grows more precarious. Chaos theoryThe mission design of is also top notch, as the game offers some of the best stealth sandboxes that challenge players’ stealth abilities and gadget usage enough. Besides, Chaos thoery This is where the iconic spirit of Sam Fisher’s personality shines the most.

It is clear that Ubisoft has learned a lot from the last two Exploded cell series games, like Chaos theory is not as punitive to play as previous games. From a gameplay perspective, Chaos theory is by far the most satisfying legacy Exploded cell stealth game to play; all of the CQCs and quizzes neatly feed into the main game loop, with iconic missions like the Bank allowing players to achieve their goals in a relatively non-linear fashion.

Many look back Chaos theory like the last big Exploded cell game, which is hard to argue with, given that later entries in the series have never measured up quite the same. Additionally, the Spies vs. Mercs was a surprise hit that many watch fondly, although the series is widely recognized for its single player mode.

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Splinter Cell: Double Agent (2006)


Splinter Cell: Double Agent was the last “traditional” Exploded cell game, and even this is still a stretch incorporating all the experimental efforts in this game. Coming at the start of the new generation of PS3 / Xbox 360 consoles, Splinter Cell: Double Agent was meant to be a truly next-gen entry into the franchise. Along with superior graphic fidelity and animation, Ubisoft incorporated an ambitious morality system between Third Echelon and the JBA that required players to balance goals and their consequences. Players had to balance loyalty to Fisher’s agency, as well as the terrorist cell he had infiltrated with.

Although it is not as good as Chaos theory, there is a surprising amount to love Double agent. The fourth main line Exploded cell The game has taken a lot of risks and made a lot of controversial changes, and while it’s not functionally the best in the series, it is to be commended for the risks it took. In the bigger scheme of things, these risks don’t necessarily pay off in a better game, but Double agent tried to revitalize Exploded cell in an interesting way.

Splinter Cell: Conviction (2010)


Arguably the most controversial game in the entire series, Shattered cell conviction was a significant change from the traditional stealthy take on the franchise’s past. Before John wick was as popular as she was, Shattered cell conviction took a similar narrative turn for Fisher. Players face off against the now retired rogue agent who seeks revenge for his daughter’s murderer. The gameplay of Conviction is much more action-oriented, often encouraging players to adopt a hybrid style of stealth and noise. To some extent, there was merit in Convictionthe gameplay design of which deserved praise, but for many fans it was not “Exploded cell“as they knew.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist (2013)

The blacklist is an amazing stealth experience

As for the last game in the series, Splinter Cell Blacklist took an intermediate approach with gameplay, meaning the game struggled slightly with its own identity. Fusion of the new action-oriented gameplay of Conviction with a greater degree of stealth options, Blacklist was a mediocre last act for Exploded cell that fans struggled to decide if they liked it or not. Compared to Conviction, many thought Blacklist was a step in the right direction, but wasn’t quite the same as previous entries in the series. Worsened by the replacement of the voice actor from Fisher, many felt that Splinter Cell Blacklist just wasn’t the right direction for the franchise.

After Splinter Cell BlacklistReleased and received in 2013, the series has been on hiatus since. Ubisoft as a publisher has changed considerably since then, and many fear that a new Exploded cell game will not live up to the expectations of fans who have been waiting for years for another entry. Obviously, the hype and optimism are hard to avoid with the announcement of a new entry, but a new one Exploded cell may not be what players expect from a Exploded cell Game.

A new Exploded cell the game is reportedly under development.

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