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Photo provided HER Realtors agents and their family members maintain registration in the agency’s new office, located at 209 Eastern Ave. in Woodsfield. In the photo, from left to right, Alyssa Swick, Daniel Swick, regional vice president of HER Realtors; Jason Thompson; Carly Thompson, owner of the village agency; Misty Dierkes, local agent; and Shawn Adams, president of HER Realtors.

WOODSFIELD – A new real estate agency has recently opened in the village and hopes to help people find their new home.

Carly Thompson, a former resident of Woodsfield, opened her third HER Realtors office in June, holding its official grand opening in August at the new location on Eastern Avenue in Woodsfield.

Misty Dierkes, a local agent for HER Realtors, said she has always lived in County Monroe, which gives her in-depth knowledge of the area and will help her help people find the right home.

“I’ve lived here my whole life so I know Monroe County and Woodsfield very well and the people,” she said.

Last year, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dierkes decided to start his journey as a real estate agent. She said it was asked of her when she noticed many announcements being made by “Agencies outside the city” who may not know the county as well as those who reside there.

“I was locked in my house and I walked out and saw a Century 21 agency in Zanesville listing a house in Woodsfield, and I thought, This is it, I’ll do it. “We were all stuck in our houses so I was able to take all the lessons”, she said.

Those looking for a new home who meet a “for sale” signing into a house they wish to explore can contact Dierkes regardless of the agency listed. She said a lot of people don’t know.

“A lot of people think they should call the listing agent, but buyers in Ohio have a choice. They can choose their own real estate agent, and I can show ads that are not mine ”, she said.

Dierkes also recommends that first-time buyers get pre-approved from a bank before seeing homes on the market.

“Don’t wait to see a house you want to buy; first you need to talk to lenders to get pre-approved. … If you do not have prior approval or the specific amount in your bank account, you cannot make an offer ”, she said.

“A lot of people miss homes because they don’t know it.”

Those interested in buying or selling a home can contact Dierkes at 740-213-0244 or [email protected]

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