Free text service offers alternative to ‘no camping workaround’ in Aurora

AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – A camping ban went into effect Saturday in Aurora.

As FOX31 learned last week, the city said it’s not ready to start enforcing that ban. That doesn’t stop nonprofits from reaching out to people who need resources before law enforcement.

The city of Aurora has not prepared any shelters to house people looking for accommodation, which is part of why the application has not yet started.

A nonprofit is letting people know they don’t have to find a workaround for any future apps, with a free text alert system.

According to Anna Miller of Mile High Behavioral Healthcare, using their phone, people who are homeless or in need of help can simply text for help when times are tough.

“You have to subscribe, so you text ‘warm-up’ to 31-31-31,” Miller said.

Anyone can use the center to charge their phone or connect to Wi-Fi. Once inside, the Aurora Day Resource Center will keep you up to date.

“So you’re on our list to receive updates for any resource,” Miller said, “If we have a large food bank delivery, resources from vaccinations, haircuts, feet, if we’re going to be active in cold weather,” Miller mentioned.

It’s its most important function, Miller said, to let people know when shelter is available on bad weather days.

“What it does is it really provides those who sign up with a phone number and an immediate resource, if they need anything,” Miller said.

Another service provided by this text alert is that it is accessible to everyone. So if, for example, a business or healthcare provider wanted to help the Aurora Day Resource Center provide help to those in need, they could do so through this service.

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