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Do not miss Celebrity Myxer summary of FBI Season 4 Episode 10 “Encouraged. As the team investigates a series of jewelry store heists that result in a double murder, they discover a connection to a 16-year-old boy trying to survive the foster care system. In addition, Tiffany becomes personally involved after learning about the boy’s unhappy upbringing. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously FBI Season 4 Episode 9, Rina Trenholm was gunned down outside her house standing next to Agent Valentine seconds after they kissed! The team learned that the shooter was an artificial intelligence rigged kill box mounted on a street pole armed with facial recognition software, targeting all FBI agents and their families. Jubal was only spared because the kill box gun had jammed.

Their investigation brought the team back to their nemesis, Antonio Vargas! From prison, he hired high-tech gunners to assassinate the Feds. Vowing never to stop chasing them, to take revenge on his family killed after having apprehended him …

Warning… Spoilers below!

At FBI Season 4 Episode 10, a couple visited a jewelry store. The owner knew the man well and waved him over with a smile. He gave her a box and the man turned to his wife and started making his request when three gunmen exploded in the store, shattering crates and grabbing jewelry. The owner drew a gun and the the gunman shot him and the woman – killing them both!

Agents Bell on FBI Season 4 Episode 10

When Constables Bell and Wallace arrived at the scene, they learned that the armed robbery had gone wrong. The three attackers brought down two victims; Gus Hill, the store owner and Melody Wilmont who worked for DHS. His credentials are what reported the Feds. The only witness was a man trying to propose in the jewelry store, although he could not offer an accurate description of the masked men.

The store had decoy GPS tracking watches that the crew stole, and the team quickly tracked them down. The watch was exchanged at a local drug dealer for a bag of cocaine. He remembered the plaque because it started off with the legendary rapper’s memorable “DMX”. This led them to a man named Kimble. Agents visited his pawnshop and found him murdered.

Further investigation led the team to surveillance footage and a teenager, Jamal Carter, carried the box of stolen watches to the pawnshop.

We played

Agents Bell and Wallace visited the foster home where Jamal was enrolled, but initially blocked them in disbelief at the young man’s actions. She helped them and informed them that Jamal had grown up and deserved a second chance. He lost his parents and his father was killed by police on Christmas Eve. They picked him up from his work and took him away for questioning.

He claimed to have obtained the box from his adopted brother Kevin, who claimed to have found the watches in an alleyway. Jamal’s alibi has been checked. Although the Feds didn’t believe he just found luxury watches in an alley, so they dug deeper. They had suspected his foster brothers ever since they had found the watches; Kevin, Demarcus, and Tyler could be involved in one way or another. Castile wanted stronger evidence to continue.

Agent Wallace trains teenager to wear a thread in FBI Season 4 Episode 10

Agent Wallace trains teenager to wear a thread in FBI Season 4 Episode 10

They asked Jamal to wear a thread. He went to the house to get information about his foster brothers. Jamal was caught snooping around Kevin’s business. Kevin was taken under surveillance admit stolen jewelry.

Suddenly the audio and video stream cut off just as the group was about to incriminate themselves for murder. Jamal got out and Agent Bell toasted him about the coincidence. Constable Wallace chilled her and sought a warrant for the possession charges and work on the case to obtain evidence of murder. Later the team broke into the house and everyone left. Bell felt Jamal playing them.

Placement in an activist foster family

While sweeping the house, they found a room with an arsenal of ammunition. The adoptive father, Percy Jones, was the central person of interest. The team were on Percy’s heels and the three older teens (minus Jamal.) Wallace and Bell pressed Jamal for more information, but he was low key. Wallace asked Bell if she could talk to Jamal on her own. He blurted out something when he said the crew did not leave him.

Throughout the case, Wallace has shown compassion for a black teenager caught in bad situations. Bell even spoke to Scola about Wallace’s behavior and he knew what was going on…

Wallace found a bank deposit slip in the trash and suspected the crew were robbing a bank to rob on their way out of town. The feds worked quickly and tracked them down. They arrived in time to be kicked out of the bank, otherwise the hostages could be injured. The FBI was forced to back down and regroup.

On your mind

Agent Wallace tries to defuse episode 10 of FBI season 4

Agent Wallace tries to defuse episode 10 of FBI season 4

The FBI tactical team has settled outside the bank, ready to fire a sniper if available. Although they were blinded by the tinted windows of the bank. There were over a dozen hostages in the bank. Suddenly, the gunmen shot at the ceiling and the team had to act fast. As the line of fire was obstructed, they looked for de-escalation tactics.

Wallace tried to convince Percy but he wouldn’t listen. Suddenly, they threw smoke grenades outside and forced the hostages out. Demarcus and Tyler ran but OA and Scola caught up with them. Percy and Kevin tried to sneak through the back door but were caught by Bell and Wallace.

Percy wouldn’t drop his gun. Kevin knelt down and begged the officers not to shoot him. Percy got agitated but Wallace managed to discourage and apprehend him.

Different choices

Bell later took Wallace aside to discuss what Scola had told him. The cop who killed Jamal’s father was Wallace seven years ago when she was a cop. Bell consoled him, telling him it was a justified shootout. Wallace felt guilty that he was partly responsible for making Jamal an orphan.

Wallace spoke with Jamal and he apologized for lying to his cover for his foster family. He just wanted to fit in. He told her he wished he could start the day over and do different choices. However, she agreed with him on his own choices …

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Release date: January 4, 2022

FBI Actors

  • Missy Peregrym as Special Agent Maggie Bell
  • Zeeko Zaki as Special Agent Omar Adom ‘OA’ Zidan
  • Jeremy Sisto as Deputy Special Agent in charge of Jubal Valentine
  • Alana De La Garza as special agent in charge of Isobel Castille
  • John boyd as special agent Stuart Scola
  • Katherine Renee Turner as Special Agent Tiffany Wallace
  • Kathleen munroe as Rina Trenholm
  • Taylor anthony miller as Kelly Moran
  • Featured Lim as Elise Taylor

Recurring distribution

  • Taylor Anthony Miller as Kelly Moran
  • Starring Lim as Elise Taylor
  • Rosshaw Franklin as Agent Hobbs
  • Natasha A. Murray as ERT Tech
  • J. Paul Nicholas as NYPD Detective Adams
  • Sagar Kiran as FBI Technician (Roman Isco)
  • Mark David Watson as Chief of SWAT Ryan

Featured guest

  • Dante Brown as Jamal Carter
  • Royce Johnson as Percy Jones
  • Luis Avila as Kevin Sanchez
  • Libya V. Pugh as Sheryl
  • Adinah Alexander as Letty Romo
  • Drew Schonenberger as Tyler
  • Jordan Floyd as DeMarcus
  • BJ Gruber as Jack
  • Alexandria Benford as Melody Wilmont
  • Anthony Coppola as Gus Hill
  • Kevin Eccleston as Officer Jim Logan
  • CL Simpson as Diane Vernon

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