Farmer’s death in Villupuram over bank loan abuse sparks tension – Reuters

By Express press service

VILLUPURAM: Furor erupted among farmers in the district on Thursday after a 22-year-old farmer from Devanur village allegedly committed suicide following the humiliation of a private bank staff member for not repaying the loan of tractor due that the deceased man’s brother had contracted. The farmers’ association had demanded Rs 1 crore as compensation from the private company and tough action from the state government against the private banks for their derogatory treatment of farmers who had received loans.

The deceased, L Chinadurai, was at his home in Devanur village in Villupuram on Saturday when bank officials returned home to collect the amount owed for a tractor loan from Chinadurai’s brother, L Suresh (32) , police said. As Suresh had not paid the installments for months due to Covid, the representative demanded settlement on the spot in a rude manner, police added.

K Ramachandran, a lawyer and relative of the deceased, told TNIE: “The bank representatives insulted and threatened Chinadurai saying that the loan would be closed if Suresh died. Appalled by this threat, Chinadurai, deeply wounded, committed suicide around noon on Sunday.

Private funding sources said that as compensation, Rs 7 lakh would be provided to the family. However, the family members applied for government employment for one of the eligible family members.

Meanwhile, the district farmers’ association appealed to the district administration and state government to prevent such mistreatment of farmers by bank staff.

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