End of the “ambulance”, explained: does Will’s wife receive the money for her operation? Will and Danny survive?

Michael Bay’s latest action-thriller ‘Ambulance’ is exactly what you’d expect from a Michael Bay movie – an overly dramatic plot with heightened crises and resolutions, peppered with deadly explosions and twists. aerial bird’s-eye view. The story this time is about two brothers, Will and Danny, who embark on a difficult bank robbery which is intercepted by the police, and they ultimately have to hijack an ambulance with an EMT and a patient inside. . While it unnecessarily drags on for over 130 minutes and the usual complaints against a Bay movie aside, this one seems to have its moments and its pacing, and isn’t too bad for some entertainment. light and insane action.

‘Ambulance’ Plot Summary

Distinguished US Army veteran Will Sharp lives a life of financial struggle as he is turned down by every medical insurance company for experimental surgery to treat his wife’s cancer. The couple also have a very young son, and Will promises his wife to stay out of trouble and seek honest work. But he soon contacts his adoptive brother, Danny, who leads a glitzy life and owns an upscale garage in uptown Los Angeles. Behind this enterprise, however, Danny is a major criminal, following in the footsteps of his father, an infamous bank robber. Although Will asks for a loan of $231,000, his brother instead offers him a much larger share of the proceeds from a $32 million bank heist he and his crew are about to carry out, in exchange of his participation as part of the team. Will vehemently disagrees at first and also tries to keep Danny out of such big trouble, but thoughts of his sick wife and baby soon convince him to join the gang.

EMS tech Cam Thompson is supposed to be the best EMT worker in all of Los Angeles, and she has moderate time helping fellow rookie Scott settle into the job on her first day. Together they drive their ambulance to a violent car accident site, and Cam bravely supports a young girl impaled by iron fencing as she is rescued from inside the car. Despite having to be so emotionally invested in her job, Cam is unaffected by any of this now, as she casually tells her partner that she really doesn’t care what happens to the young girl. after she was taken to the hospital. On the other hand, police officers Zach and Mark discuss their personal lives as Zach tells his partner about his interest in a bank teller, and Mark drives him to the bank, encouraging him to ask the teller out. What they don’t know is that the same bank is being robbed by Danny and his team at the same time, and also that the LAPD Special Investigations Section has already observed Danny and is standing by the bank to respond to urgently.

When Zach walks into the bank, Danny pretends to be the manager and lets him in, but the officer quickly realizes what’s going on when he notices Danny doesn’t know the names of his employees. However, it is too late as Danny was already prepared for this and he takes Zach hostage. Soon Mark notices what is going on inside and a shootout quickly begins. SIS and other LAPD officers rush to the scene, and an extensive shootout ensues, which kills all of Danny’s gang members other than him and Will. The Army veteran doesn’t want such a bloodbath because of their actions and tries to defuse his brother’s plans when Zach attempts to attack Danny. In a moment of reaction and defense, Will shoots Zach in the leg and immediately feels remorse. When Cam and Scott respond to the emergency and take Zach to their ambulance, the van is stopped by the two brothers. they dump Scott and pose as medics, and drive the vehicle off the scene as a means of escape.

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What is Danny and Will’s escape plan?

Sometime after Danny and Will drive past the checkpoints in the ambulance, the police realize the scheme and SIS Captain Monroe orders his team to track down the ambulance using police helicopters deployed in the area. sky and promises Mark to bring his partner back to safety. What follows is a long cat-and-mouse hunt between the robbers and the authorities as police cars drive through town following the ambulance, but not attacking it due to the hostages inside. Meanwhile, Cam continues to provide emergency care to the injured policeman, and Will also gladly agrees to help by donating his blood. After a while, however, she realizes that Zach has lost way too much blood and that the only way to save him would be to operate on him and remove the bullets from inside him. Although she admits she is not a doctor, Danny is unwilling to listen as the experienced criminal has now realized that their hostage policeman must be kept alive as he is their way out of trouble. If Zach hadn’t been alive, law enforcement would have been much more aggressive in their approach. Danny connects Cam to a surgeon (who is her ex-boyfriend) via video call, who then connects her to trauma surgeons. She is also assisted by Will, who has a medical background from his army days, as she removes the bullets from Zach’s body and also manages to avoid complications after his spleen ruptures. All the while, there are times when Danny wants to get rid of the EMT, but Will’s insistence on keeping her safe keeps him at bay.

Anson Clark, an FBI special agent, is called to the scene, and the man reveals to Captain Monroe that he personally knew Danny at one time. Years ago, while getting his doctorate in criminology, Danny was one of his classmates and was sent there by his criminal mastermind father to understand policing and how officers work. from the FBI. Anson makes contact with Danny inside the ambulance via radio communication, but the latter is too smart to make a deal and makes it clear that they won’t stop the ambulance while the chase is ongoing. Danny calls Papi, the leader of a criminal gang his father had close ties to, and asks for help to evade the police in exchange for $8 million from the heist. Papi agrees, and together they hatch a plan in which Danny and Will would drive their ambulance to a certain location under a bridge by the Los Angeles River, where Papi’s crew would be waiting with reinforcements. The place also serves as a parking lot for out-of-service ambulances, and Danny’s plan is to confuse the cops with many ambulances leaving the scene at once. They work according to plan and eventually reach their intended location after surviving an explosive police chase. The criminals then let out ambulance vans as decoys while the real ambulance, now spray painted green, wards off any trouble. Papi’s gang also equips a van with detonators and drives it into a police roadblock before opening fire on the cops with a remote control car setup, killing Captain Monroe.

Danny and Will go to Grandpa’s secret warehouse, and Will asks Cam to stay inside the van to guard Zach, who has now regained consciousness. The brothers then go to meet Grandpa and give him a bag containing eight million dollars. But the gangster is informed of the presence of a policeman and a paramedic in his secret space, and he vehemently refuses to let them out. On the other hand, Will doesn’t want Zach or Cam to die, and promises to save them even if he has to fight Grandpa’s gang. Seeing the potential threat to his brother’s life, Danny pretends to have a fallout with him, then shrewdly leads Will into a shootout, wiping out all of Papi’s men and the mobster himself. Gunfire ensues as they head back down to the van, inside which Cam has now armed herself with a police gun that Zach found under his leg. At this point, Will suddenly opens the back door of the van, calling out Cam’s name, which surprises Cam, and in a similar moment of defensive reaction, she shoots Will in the chest. Although Cam feels terribly sorry, she does not reveal that she was the one who shot Will at Danny, knowing full well that the man would kill her instantly if he found out.

‘Ambulance’ Ending Explained: Why Did Will Shoot Danny?

Danny now frantically drives the ambulance to a hospital while Cam provides emergency care for Will. The police again line up as they drive on open roads again, and Anson is still trying to get the situation under control. The ambulance van eventually pulls up inside the hospital compound, and it is quickly blocked by police cars and vans on all sides. Danny goes to the back to try to think of a plan to save his brother from death, as Will is obviously dying very quickly, and he now discovers Zack’s gun and thinks the cop shot Will . Cam quickly intervenes in his attacks and admits to shooting Will, albeit by mistake, and is now being held hostage by Danny. The man is enraged by the situation and promises to kill Cam outside in front of everyone, as he knows he would be killed anyway. However, as he opens the van door, Danny is shot from behind by a struggling Will, who now realizes that the only way to stop more bloodshed is to kill his brother. Danny falls dead to the ground as Will cries out in pain and grief; the police handcuff the injured man and leave him on the ground while they deal with Zach and Cam. Despite Anson’s advice, Cam heroically rushes to Will to try to save him and convinces the officers to take the man inside the hospital. She then sees Will’s wife and son in the crowd and goes to talk to her. She supports the woman as she tearfully apologizes for her husband’s actions, then secretly puts a large stack of cash in her baby’s crib, as Will had instructed her to. In the end, Will appears to recover, despite being in police custody, while Officer Zach admits Will saved his life. Cam wastes no more time and now discovers the little girl she previously rescued from the scene of the accident and goes to meet her in her hospital ward.

Will actually never wanted to be involved in such violent and criminal activities, but it was his helpless situation and his brother’s persistence that made him do it. Although he was involved, he no longer wished to lose his life and constantly protected Zach and Cam from his brother’s fanciful plans to kill them. At that time, he is able to make Cam understand his situation and asks her to help provide the much needed money for his wife. Will doesn’t hate his wayward brother Danny either, as the two have a lot of good history together, right from childhood, but in the end understands that more innocent lives would be lost if he didn’t stop his brother. He eventually performs the difficult act of shooting his brother, although it could be argued that he should have done it much earlier in the plot.

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