Delhi: 2 detained for having deceived hundreds of people under the pretext of granting bank loans

Two people have been arrested for allegedly deceiving hundreds of people in several states on the pretext of giving them bank loans. Police say the main defendant, Geeta Chouhan and his associate Jitendra Singh, were arrested this week. Two other defendants, Pushpendra Chouhan and Harish Baghel, were arrested in November last year.

According to police, Geeta and her husband Pushpendra lost their jobs during the Covid-induced lockdown in 2020 and decided to form a gang and allegedly cheated people under the guise of providing them with personal and business loans. They also posted ads through Google to attract their targets.

In May 2020, Delhi Police received a complaint from a man who runs a print shop in the city. The plaintiff, who wanted to open a shop in Delhi and take out a loan of Rs 45 lakh, saw such an advertisement on Google and contacted the given phone number.

The defendants, pretending to be officials of a major investment company, promised to help the victim and asked him to pay Rs 45,000 as a “processing fee”.

“The victim received false documents and was promised a loan. After receiving the initial amount, the defendant said there was a technical problem and managed to make the victim pay Rs 13.5 lakh. Later, the man realized he had been cheated,” police said.

An investigation was carried out by the Crime Branch and Pushpendra and Harish were arrested in Bulandshahr last year.

Shibesh Singh, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime), said: “Geeta Chouhan was on the run. Our team finally arrested Geeta and his associate Jitendra this week.

During questioning, Geeta said she ran a salon while Pushpendra worked in a private company. During the first lockdown, they lost their jobs and had no savings.

Police said they were managing two bank accounts in Agra for the operation. The couple hired two men, Jitendra and Harish, who posted ads on Google to target people.

The police further said that Pushpendra and Geeta will talk to the victims and have them transfer Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 in the name of loan processing fee. Some plaintiffs were cheated out of lakhs as the gang lied about the transactions and made them transfer more money.

A fraud and forgery case has been filed against the gang. Police are also looking for victims in other states.

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