CBI and CRIF Support Banking and FinTech Companies by Improving Their FinTech Services


CBI, which is a hub of technological innovation and the ongoing digitization of the financial sector, has partnered with CRIF, a global company focused on credit bureaus and business information, advanced digital solutions for business development and open banking.

This partnership between CBI and CRIF should enable banks, fintech companies and other service providers to create and improve their financial technology services, thereby helping to optimize the open finance industry and enable it to reach its full potential.

In particular, customers can rely on flexible and efficient digital integration processes and will also be able to access innovative financial services. These include personal and professional financial management solutions (GFP and BFM) that will enable people to better manage their money and gain financial stability.

Through this partnership, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) will provide instant lending services, which are integrated with the online assessment of users’ credit profiles in Open bank (NEOS – New Evaluation Open Suite service), online sales assistance services, integrating digital or online channels and physical networks (PHYON – Phygital Onboarding Platform service).

The PFM and BFM services will also allow traders and businesses to have a detailed view of their accounts, which should help improve their financial management.

When offered the CBI security and industry experience, leveraging solutions such as ‘CBI Globe’, different players operating in this industry can reach the local banking market and various international hubs through a single connection.

While operating in the utility sector for over 25 years, CBI has always supported the Italian financial sector, as with the digitization of financial services. This has helped to improve efficiency and enable the integration of relevant solutions into the payments market. These initiatives are intended to support key business opportunities in open finance and the data economy.

CRIF’s vast experience in the development of service modules and associated solutions in Open Banking makes it possible to optimize an ecosystem economic model.

Pilar Fragalà, Commercial Director of CBI Scpa said:

“CBI and CRIF are actively working to enable payment service providers to offer value-added services, outside the scope of PSD2, improving the lifestyle of their customers with a global offering including financial services and more. The development of this partnership with CRIF offers an important legacy in terms of experience, based on collaboration for better competition, introducing a new aspect of the banking system for a more open and sustainable customer experience.

Simone capecchi, Director General of CRIF, said:

“The partnership with CBI allows us to achieve important objectives, benefiting all the key players in open finance: on the one hand, financial players and companies and on the other hand, end consumers. Thanks to the CRIF solutions integrated into CBI’s systems, we make this “phygital” experience of SMIs and individuals more attractive, saving them time and effort, facilitating online transactions and responding to new needs with accessible solutions, even remotely, completely secure and with human contact, where applicable.

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