Axis Bank Unveils Open APIs to Help Customers Use Integrated Services


Axis Bank has launched open APIs (Application Programming Interface) to facilitate its customers / partners individuals and businesses to use integrated banking services on partner platforms.

The API Banking Portal offers a suite of API products covering over 200 retail APIs for cards, deposits, accounts, loans, 51 enterprise APIs for payments, commerce, collections, bill payments as well as cross-APIs, the third largest private sector bank in India said in a statement.

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Enterprise API product suite will enable e-commerce, food delivery, payment solutions and other businesses to deliver secure financial settlements and other financial transactions from their own ERP platforms , he added.

The bank pointed out that APIs, which are in line with its open banking philosophy, cover the banking transactions that businesses make on a daily basis with their partners and customers regarding payments, refunds, payment reconciliation, account management and trade finance, in addition to other transactions.

Embedded digital systems

In addition, the APIs will allow Axis Bank’s banking solutions to be integrated through direct integration with customers’ digital systems, without the need for a net banking interface.

Sameer Shetty, President and Head of Digital Business and Digital Transformation of Axis Bank, said, “With these latest API banking offerings, we look forward to collaborating and co-creating with partners, to deliver user experience. improved and simplify their daily lives. daytime operations.

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