Alert Door Dash Driver Helps Catch Bank Robber: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter


Flight: SOM Center Road

The First National Bank was robbed by an unarmed man at 4 p.m. on January 28.

A Door Dash driver saw the man running into Dibella’s subs and notified responding officers. The suspect was found in the women’s restroom of this company.

A total of $769 in cash was found inside her underwear. This was the exact amount reported stolen.

The man’s girlfriend was interviewed at his Marsol Road flat. She said they were in financial trouble and she feared he was robbing a bank. It was believed that she was involved and that she was supposed to retrieve it after the theft, but there was no proof.

The man also allegedly created a diversion by first calling and reporting a fight and possible shooting at Golden Gate Plaza. When officers responded to this call, there was no evidence of such an incident.

The Huntsville man, 27, has since been charged with robbery, a third degree felony.

South Euclid Police later inquired into the incident, believing the man to be a suspect in a bank robbery in that town last February.

Shots: Mayfield Road

Detectives are investigating a shooting that occurred around 5.45pm on February 1 at Coppertree flats. It has been confirmed that no one was hit by gunfire during the incident.

Car theft: Mayfield Road

Three catalytic converters were reported stolen from vehicles in the Nick Mayer Ford parking lot on February 2. Two belonged to trucks of customers who were on the company for service. These coins were valued at $8,000 and $13,000.

Fraud: Mayfield Road

A man said on February 2 that he was scammed after sending pictures of his penis to a woman who sent him nude photos of herself through a dating app.

He said he received a call from an unknown person who claimed to be related to the woman involved. This man said the woman had overdosed and needed money for treatment and rehabilitation. He also told the man that she was underage and that the authorities would be notified if he did not send money.

The victim was then contacted by someone claiming to be an officer of the organization Internet Crimes against Children stating that he was going to be charged if he did not send money.

The man then purchased $2,000 worth of prepaid debit cards and provided the alleged agent with the redemption numbers. This person then asked for more money. It was then that the man then realized that he was the victim of a scam.

A report has been filed for the man’s bank to investigate.

Officers advised him not to send photos of his genitals on dating apps.

Simple Assault: SOM Center Road

A woman said on February 2 that a man pushed a shopping cart at her as she searched for a quart in her purse near the cart corral at Aldi. She said he yelled at her and used foul language.

After reviewing surveillance video, it appeared that the two conversed for a short time and the cart did not appear to be pushed with enough force to cause injury.

Theft: Mayfield Road

A Puff N’ Stuff employee reported on February 2 that a woman had been seen on surveillance video stealing from the store the day before. She placed shirts, a bracelet and a mug in her purse.

She also stole the store sign which read: “Smile, you are being filmed”.

She and two other women who accompanied her to the store left the area in an SUV and were not identified.

Impaired driving: Eastgate Plaza

Officers responded to Marc’s parking lot on January 31 to a report of a man pulling car door handles in an attempt to locate his own vehicle.

They located him inside his vehicle near Winking Lizard and later arrested the 62-year-old resident for OVI. Several open liquor bottles were found inside the vehicle.

Reports say officers had treated the man at the Wynwood apartments the night before after he was reported drunk and causing trouble with other residents.

Domestic Violence: SOM Center Road

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Willoughby man, 32, on January 30 after the mother of his child reported he strangled her in the hallway of his home in the Coppertree apartments.

Officers spoke to the man on the phone. He claimed he went to pick up his child from the apartment, but the woman never let him into the building, so he left without entering. During the conversation, he mentioned details of the incident that the officers had not shared with him.

Disorderly Driving: Mayfield Road

A woman reported at 12:07 a.m. on January 30 that her ex-girlfriend had just damaged her apartment door and punctured a tire on her vehicle.

Officers learned the woman had returned home to find her cousin had let the suspect into her apartment. She kicked him out of the unit, but the ex-girlfriend then kicked the door, causing damage. It was believed that she then punctured the tire before leaving the area.

The suspect, a 23-year-old woman from Cleveland Heights, later came to the police station to file a statement. She was arrested on two active warrants relating to other incidents involving the same woman.

Impaired driving: Interstate 271

A 50-year-old Aurora man was arrested for OVI on Jan. 29 after his vehicle hit a concrete barrier and then became stuck in snow.

He did not cooperate with officers and made several insulting comments to them about their personal appearance and sex life. While in his cell, he intentionally urinated on the floor and slipped and fell.

The next day, he reported that police had injured him with excessive force. The matter was reviewed and it was determined that there was no evidence of excessive force in the officers’ attempts to control the man.

Additional charges of disorderly conduct and criminal mischief have been filed.

Fraud: Landerbrook Drive

A woman reported on Jan. 29 that a check she wrote and dropped in the post office mailbox was stolen and altered. Her bank had refused to cash the check, which was changed to $7,154.

Disruption: Mayfield Road

Officers responded to Cork N’ Bottle around 2 a.m. on January 29 to a report of a drunken man hitting an ATM and lottery machine as he was removed from the bar. He was warned and offered to drive him home on Parker Drive, but he refused.

About an hour later, a bartender found the man, 28, sitting in the passenger seat of his vehicle after letting it spin to warm up.

Responding officers arrested the man for disorderly conduct – public intoxication and took him to jail, where he then deliberately defecated on the floor of his cell.

He was offered the chance to clean up after him, but he told officers to do so. He was told he would be billed because a biohazard company needed to professionally clean and disinfect the cell.

Fraud: Gates Mills Boulevard

A man said Jan. 27 that a check he mailed outside the city post office was altered and cashed in the amount of $3,000.

The envelope containing the check was believed to have been stolen from the mailbox before being recovered by the postal workers.

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