3 replacements if Browns lose Anthony Walker to free agency

(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

Last offseason, the Cleveland Browns front office made it a focal point for improving linebacker.

They added talent in both the NFL Draft and free agency.

One of the biggest steals of the past offseason was the Browns signing Anthony Walker to a one-year deal.

He had several successful seasons at Indianapolis and was a field leader for the Colts.

This trend continued in Cleveland as Walker was a key contributor on defense.

Now Walker should be a free agent, so the Browns might be forced to find him a replacement.

Christian Kirksey

Not too long ago linebacker Christian Kirksey was a member of the Browns.

In fact, he spent the first six years of his career in Cleveland.

After that, Kirksey joined the Green Bay Packers for the 2020 season.

Then, Kirksey signed a one-year contract with the Houston Texans for the 2021 campaign.

The 29-year-old has bounced back well with Houston and should have plenty of suitors in free agency.

The Browns could be considering a possible reunion with Kirksey after his 2021 campaign.

In 13 games, Kirksey finished with 93 tackles, eight passes defended and one interception with Houston.

His covering skills seem to have improved and Kirksey remains a consistent tackler.

The Browns probably wouldn’t have to break the bank to sign Kirksey this offseason.

Maybe the former third-round pick is ready to return to Cleveland for a bargain price.

Harold Landry

Unlike Kirksey, the Browns will likely be forced to open their checkbook for Harold Landry.

The former Tennessee Titans second-round pick put on a show in 2021.

The first three years of Landry’s career were successful, but he wasn’t exactly a highly regarded player.

Now Landry is gearing up for a good payday after staging his first Pro Bowl campaign of his career.

In 17 games, Landry finished with 75 tackles, 12 sacks and a forced fumble with the Titans last season.

He’s someone who could be a dangerous option alongside Myles Garrett in Cleveland.

Both players were near the peak of quarterback pressures at one point last season.

The Browns will have plenty of competition for Landry this offseason.

However, Cleveland should have the cap space available to strike a deal with Landry.

He would be a huge improvement for this defense and perhaps a replacement for Jadevevon Clowney.

Alex Anzalone

A sneaky addition this offseason could be linebacker Alex Anzalone.

The former third-round pick is expected to become a free agent this offseason.

He spent the first four years of his career in New Orleans, but joined the Detroit Lions for the 2021 campaign.

Anzalone recorded a career-high 78 tackles, one sack and seven passes defended in 14 games with Detroit.

It was his first time as a full-time starter and Anzalone proved that he was fully capable of doing so.

The 27-year-old could be a low-key signing for the Browns this offseason.

Anzalone probably won’t demand a high salary and seems like a reliable option for linebacker.

He’s someone they could put alongside their young linebackers and help them develop for a season or two.

That way, the Browns don’t have to commit big money to someone and get a starting caliber player.

Perhaps Anzalone could be the 2022 version of Walker for the Browns roster.

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